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Title JALC Radio - The Music of Prohibition
Season 8, Episode 19
Airdate 09/29/2011
Description Who are these Americans? What makes them tick? Ken Burns has been gnawing at these questions… or they have been gnawing at him –since his 1981 documentary ‘Brooklyn Bridge.’ And in his upcoming project, he looks at our country and our culture from a different angle – the hundred year battle toward the 18th Amendment and the decade long war that was fought under its rule.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Enchantment at Dizzy's
Season 18, Episode 4
Airdate 10/21/2010
Description ENCHANTMENT : TO BE FILLED WITH DELIGHT, TO BE UNDER A SPELL. Listen to Ettienne Charles, Regina Carter, and Stefon Harris cast a spell on Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola.
Hosted by Carla Cook

Title Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans
Season 18, Episode 1
Airdate 09/30/2010
Description Composer George Russell and his wife nicknamed pianist Bill Evans “the minister.” Gaunt and bookish, Evans didn’t quite look or sound like a typical 50s jazz musician.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Another Big Band Bash: Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra & Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
Season 16, Episode 33
Airdate 05/14/2009
Description During the Swing Era, battles between big bands were monumental events to behold, legends in the making such as the famous Benny Goodman-Chick Webb battle in the Savoy ballroom in 1938. Experience the fire and magic of a big band battle between the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Essentially Ellington
Season 16, Episode 30
Airdate 04/30/2009
Description The Essentially Ellington competition and festival are central to Jazz at Lincoln Center’s mission to educate American youth about jazz. The competing high school bands get the opportunity to perform Ellington charts before esteemed judges. Listen to the finalist perform for the 2009 competition.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Yes He Did: Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
Season 16, Episode 29
Airdate 04/16/2009
Description When Hurricane Katrina washed out New Orleans, it silenced the music. Patrons were gone, clubs were shuttered, musicians dispersed, and it looked for a time as if the storm might have drowned the city’s musical life. But musicians, many of them, have come back, and the heart of the Crescent City marches to a syncopated beat.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Lionel Loueke & Richard Bona
Season 18, Episode 18
Airdate 01/22/2009
Description They are musical dreamers from West Africa --- composers, singers and instrumental virtuosos – remarkably original musicians who have caught the attention and the imagination of the jazz world.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Jazz Guitar/Django Reinhardt -- Charlie Christian
Season 17, Episode 17
Airdate 01/15/2009
Description Similar backgrounds…if continents apart; similarly foreshortened lives…of two men similar in their guitar genius…
Hosted by Wendell Pierce